Family photo shoot


Product photo shoot



Treasure family portrait photos and your family memories in Bangkok, Thailand as your property


We do family photo and profile photo shoots provided on site.

Also we send a Japanese photographer on site to do product photo shoot for cafe and restaurant etc.


For those who wants to take family photo and profile photo

KT Photography Studio provides family photo and profile photo shoots on site in / around Bangkok, Thailand.
Book online from here.


About on site shoot in / around Bangkok

A photographer will visit the shooting spot at your request.


About details of photo shoot service

Prices change depending on session hours

Photo shoot less than 1 hour 3,000 B
Photo shoot less than 4 hours 10,000 B
Photo shoot less than 6 hours 15,000 B
Extension extra 1 hour (after 6 hours) 2,000 B


About shooting

1 hour is usually enough for family photo shoots. As many photo takes as you want within your session hour, and all the image data taken during your photo shoot session is provided to you.
(Please feel free to ask us for shooting spot, parks, condos etc.)

As for product photo shoots, such as meals, though it depends on the object,
it takes about 5 – 8 minutes for one take from setting, shooting until check without any change of lighting and angle of field.
We will need some more time when setting is complicated and delicate lighting is required.


About shooting less than 4 hours

Product photo shoots (20 – 30 takes), Staff, exterior and interior, facilities etc (2 – 3 takes for each),
When the number of meal photo takes is heavy, 6 hours session is recommended.

Above prices include the travel cost to Sukhumvit area. Please contact us about travel cost for other areas.